Yvette Hyman-Connor


Art - Chef

  • Full Name

    Yvette Cynthia Hyman-Connor

  • Island

    St. Martin

  • Date of Birth

  • Place of Birth

    St. Martin

Yvette Hyman-Connor has established herself as a world-renowned chef. She is often called ‘The first Lady of St-Martin cuisine’ due to her traditional cooking style with her own unique flair, perfectly mixed with an incredible personal service. She opened her restaurant ‘Yvette’s restaurant’ in 1983 and has written several cookbooks.
Yvette can remember helping her mother cook when she was a young child in 1943. Aged 10 she moved to Aruba, where her love for cooking flourished. As a teenager she often took care of the catering for many family house parties. In 1961, Yvette returned to Aruba and pursued her career as a Trade Unionist and Politician, however her love for cooking never diminished. Yvette loved to cook for her family and especially liked to make sure her husband had good food on his plate. Yvette’s husband shared her passion for cooking as he was a veteran chef. Together they rented a country house and opened ‘Yvette’s restaurant ‘on 15th January 1983.
Since then the restaurant has flourished and is loved by both locals and visitors to the island. The restaurant has a wonderful mix of traditional and contemporary dishes making it a popular option for all palates. Many Caribbean dignitaries and international celebrities have visited including Richard Pryor, George Foreman and Vanessa Williams.


Not only has Yvette realised her dreams and opened an incredibly successful restaurant, she has also written several cookbooks. Her books contain hundreds of recipes including chapters dedicated to appetisers, soups, beverages, desserts and the list goes on. Cooking is Yvette’s pride and she has won many awards which showcase her talent. In 1992 her restaurant won the ‘Diplome D’Honneur’. Yvette Hyman-Connor never faltered on her dreams and her restaurant is most definitely on our list of places to visit in Aruba. Yvette Hyman-Connor, Caribbean 1st absolutely salutes you.