Trevor Ariza

Trevor Ariza Caribbean1st Honouree from Turks & Caicos



  • Full Name

    Trevor Ariza

  • Island

    Turks & Caicos

  • Date of Birth

    30th June 1985

  • Place of Birth


Trevor Ariza is a Miami born basketball player whose roots are from Turks & Caicos. He attended Westchester High School in California, where his talent in the sport was recognised from an early stage. Whilst he was a Junior, Ariza was part of the Comets team that won the California State Championship. Following this, Ariza played just one year of college basketball at UCLA before declaring for the NBA draft. Trevor Ariza was selected by the New York Knicks in 2004, with whom he became the youngest player to ever play for the team at that time. He was also the 2nd youngest rookie in Knicks history to play in 80 games at the age of 19. This was to be the start of his very successful pro basketball career.
Trevor Ariza played for a number of different NBA teams and became best known for his speed, agility and defensive skills. Ariza was once a paid ambassador for his homeland, Turk and Caicos. In July 2008, he visited the islands along with his younger brother and other popular basketball players, in order to teach young players about the fundamentals of the sport. Ariza also spent some time exploring the island and learning about his roots. 


Ariza played a career high of 80 games, starting in 20 in his 2008-09 season. Trevor Ariza scored a career high 26 points, along with 3 steals, 3 rebounds and 2 assists in March 2009. That same year he won his 1st NBA title with the LA Lakers.

Trevor Ariza remains a prominent NBA player. He signed to the Houston Rockets on 15th July 2014 and continues to play for them until this day. In 2016, he was awarded ‘Teammate of the year’ in the National Basketball Association Player’s Voice Awards. Trevor Ariza is known to stay away from the spotlight, he is a quiet reserved player. Ariza lets his skills on the court do the talking and his modest nature is one to admire. Trevor Ariza, Caribbean1st absolutely salutes you.