Timothy Gibson




  • Full Name

    Timothy Gibson

  • Island

    The Bahamas

  • Date of Birth

    12th April 1903

  • Place of Birth

    Savannah Sound, Eleuthera

Born in 1905 in the picturesque little settlement of Savannah Sound in the beautiful isle of Eleuthera, where he received his elementary education and was nurtured in the Christian faith. Timothy Gibson decided early in life to devote his God endowed talents and energy to education. 
Along with teaching, Timothy took a great interest in music. Aged 11, he moved to Car Island, where he received most of his music training from his brother, C.I Gibson. His brother taught him how to read music and play the organ. As well as this, Timothy Gibson studied music theory at Trinity College London. In 1961 he was made Assistant Inspector of Schools for music. He worked with the Bahamas Teacher’s College and also with schools in New Providence.
His song-writing career began with “Nassau Calling” in 1938. He wrote other songs such as “Sailor Prince”, for the visit of Prince Philip, “Your Majesty”, for the visit of Queen Elizabeth II, and “Hail Princess Britannia”, for the visit of Princess Margaret.   He also wrote the National Anthem of the Bahamas “March On Bahamaland”.


The Bahamas government honoured this veteran educator by naming a school after him. The late Timothy Gibson, writer and composer, was the most remarkable man who was dedicated to sharing his knowledge with others. Timothy Gibson, a National Hero, Caribbean 1st absolutely salutes you.