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Three-time Belizean artist of the year, Tanya Carter is a sensational artist making her mark within the Caribbean reggae industry. Carter was born into a musical family and realised her love for music from a very young age. She earned a place on the Grace Primary choir at the tender age of four. Even though she was technically too young to be involved in the choir, they could not deny her powerful and melodic voice. Aged five Tanya Carter was already listening to music greats such as Dennis Brown. Bob Marley and Roberta Flack.


Tanya Carter went on to attend Edward P. High school, where she was introduced to classic and operatic singing. Despite these influences, Carter had already decided that she wanted to be a reggae artist.  Tanya Carter chose to start her musical career aged 18. She recorded and released her first song, ‘I wanna Get to Know You Better’, which was a dancehall/reggae fusion. It was an instant hit. Before long Carter realised that she wanted to be involved in the complete music making progress. This would ensure that she had greater control in order to ensure what she wanted to express really came through. Tanya Carter became very involved with the Belize Music Agency and held the position of Post Program Coordinator at the Music Industry Association of Belize. She later became the Program Coordinator at the National Institute of Culture and History. This was a new government agency at the time. It was evident that Tanya Carter would excel at whatever she lent her hand to.

At 20 years old, Tanya Carter became the youngest artiste to win the Lord Rhaburn Outstanding Artiste award at the Lord Rhaburn Jazz Festival. An award that she was extremely honoured and grateful to win. Before long, Tanya Carter was opening for international acts such as Etana, Luciano, Morgan Heritage and Omarion. She also headlined shows and concerts throughout the Caribbean and America. 

Carter’s debut album, released in 2011, received regular rotation on reggae stations in the Caribbean, America, Africa and Lithuania. It also earned her one of her three Best Female Vocalist of the Year awards. 


After some time away from the music industry, Tanya Carter returned and entered a competition with some of Belize’s great song writers. Carter decided to try something different and wrote a soca song, ‘I am Belize.’ Of course, her gamble paid off and she won the competition. The song went onto be a huge success much to Carter’s amazement. This showed that not only was she a talented singer and artist but also songwriter, who could probably cross over to other genres should she so wish.

Having conquered the Belizean reggae scene, Tanya Carter decided to travel to Jamaica to try and breakthrough over there as well. While over there she worked with the renowned producer, Christopher Birch. She stated that it was important for her to travel to the home of reggae music, in order to really learn about the roots of the genre


Not only was she taking the reggae music industry by storm, Carter also guest starred on a popular Belizean TV series. She showcased her versatility and viewers were so impressed by her performance, that she was given a permanent role. Such an all-rounded, talented, strong and beautiful woman. Tanya Carter has worked hard to become a recognised name within a genre that she has always loved. Reggae reminds her, like many of us, of her youth, a carefree and peaceful time. Tanya Carter, we wish you continued success as you progress on your musical journey, Caribbean1st absolutely salutes you.