Oh gosh! Where do we start with this one! As bands are preparing and launching for the 2020 carnival season, we see the same issues arising. Now this is a topic we feel we shouldn’t have to speak on, however we are seeing the same thing year in year out…so let’s get into it. The [...]
We happened to be staying at Coco Palm Hotel in Rodney Bay during the time of the Food and Rum Festival, which was from 12th-14th January. It was via the hotel that we heard about the festival, in particular the Rodney Bay Culinary Pavilion, which was taking place right outside of the hotel.The hotel was [...]
Argyle Waterfalls in Tobago are the island's highest waterfalls. We arrived in the early afternoon having driven down along the south of the island and having made a quick stop at Fort King George on the way. We paid a small fee at the entrance of the waterfall and waited for the rest of the [...]