Symbol of Caribbean Solidarity

Symbol of Caribbean Solidarity

After a laborious search to find some kind of symbol that represented the Caribbean.
We came up with nothing.

Never ones to be deterred, we decided to take it upon ourselves to create a Caribbean logo of our own. We’ve tried to make it insightful, on point and we used contemporary styling fitting for this era. We have endeavoured to capture the essence and beauty of the Caribbean whilst documenting its rich history and its cultural traditions that continue to impact throughout the world.

Banana Symbol of Caribbean Solidarity
Sun Symbol of Caribbean Solidarity

Symbolic of the agricultural region that is the Caribbean. Our lands grow abundantly with a variety of produce.
Together with no.1 signifies that agriculture should always be the number one primary industry in the Caribbean. An industry that allows the people to work and care for the lands, feed themselves and be at one with nature.

Symbolic of a region that always has sunshine.
Together with no.1 signifies the number one source for most of life essentials.

Crown Symbol of Caribbean Solidarity
1 Symbol of Caribbean Solidarity

We refer to the Caribbean woman as a ‘Queen’ as she Symbolises strength, beauty and faith, just a few of many characteristics she possesses. These have not diminished in her throughout the course of time.
Together with no.1 signifies Mother nature and the first woman. She represents birth and new beginnings.

Symbolic as a column representing our ancestral history as the first builders.


To celebrate our collective identity with our very own Caribbean logo

When it comes to the question of why we are so disseminated as a region, responsibility often lies at our own door.