Sir Ian Valz




  • Full Name

    Sir Ian Valz

  • Island

    St. Maarten

  • Date of Birth

    28th August 1957

  • Place of Birth


Sir Ian Valz is an award winning filmmaker and actor who directed over 60 plays and acted in more than 30. Among his most popular were his TV movie version of his 1999 Peacock Dance and Panman: Rhythm of the Palms, which was made into a television movie in 2004. These productions are what rooted him as one of the Caribbean’s leading playwrights. Sir Ian Valz held a Public Health Diploma, from the University Of Guyana. He served as Sports and Cultural Director from 1982-1984 in Guyana, before moving to St. Maarten. In St. Maarten, his adopted home, he was one of St. Maarten’s leading playwrights and theatre directors.  He held the position of Drama Director of the Cultural centre of St. Maarten from 1985-1995. 
Sir Ian Valz helped shape the performing arts, drama and the cultural landscape of his nation. Through his long dedication and selfless service, he came to be recognized as an icon. For his outstanding service and accomplishments, Ian was Knighted In the Order of Oranje Nassau by her majesty Queen Beatrix of Holland in 2006.
Sir Ian Valz was integral in the development of Guyanese theatre. For many he was responsible for attracting younger audiences to the theatre; he ignited the love for theatre within many. Sir Valz had a passion for people, and without a doubt, he will be missed by many, but there is much about the life of Sir Ian Valz that will never die. Caribbean 1st absolutely salutes you.