Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin Caribbean1st Honouree from Puerto Rico



  • Full Name

    Ricky Martin Morales

  • Island

    Puerto Rico

  • Date of Birth

    24th December 1971

  • Place of Birth

    Puerto Rico

Ricky Martin has been involved in the entertainment from a very young age. At age 6, he began appearing in television commercials in his home country Puerto Rico. He was a member of a teen singing group until he was 18. Having left high school, Ricky Martin decided to move to New York to pursue his solo music career. He continued to appear on stage and TV whilst doing so. In 1995 he appeared in the American soap opera ‘General Hospital’, where he played Miguel Morez, a bartender who sings on the weekends. His portrayal of this character landed him a role on the Broadway production of Les Miserables. However it was to be his performance at the 1998 World Cup and the 1999 Grammys that propelled him to international stardom. Ricky Martin released his debut English album in 1999, which was extremely successful. He continues to make music in both Spanish and English.
Ricky Martin has always been a talented performer whether it be singing or acting. He had a dream of breaking into the American music industry and he continued to persevere until he did. He has released over five #1 hit Billboard albums and has sold over 70 million albums. Ricky Martin is a truly magnificent performer and has worked hard to perfect his skills. Ricky Martin we at Caribbean1st absolutely salute you.