Rene Lavan




  • Full Name

    Rene Lavan

  • Island


  • Date of Birth

    5th November 1968

  • Place of Birth

    Artemisa, Cuba

Rene Lavan is a Cuban born actor. He first appealed to American audiences when he played Javier in the series ‘One Life to Live’ on the ABC network. It was while he was a member on this series that he was offered the role as lead in ‘Bitter Sugar’. The film was released in October 1996 and was inspired by a true story about the Cuban regime led by Fidel Castro. Lavan’s role in this movie was very well received both domestically and internationally and this catapulted his career.
Rene Lavan co-starred in an independent film shot in Chile in October 2003.The movie now plays at many international film festivals. He was also named in the Top 10 to Watch at the San Diego Latino Film Festival in 2004. Lavan made his Broadway debut in 2005, with a role in Latinologues, a comedy about life in America.
Rene Lavan is a very talented actor who is able to adapt and play a very wide range of roles. He appears in films as well as on TV, in dramas as well as comedies. He is has successfully managed to make his name in the general market as well as the Spanish market, something that many struggle to do. He has appeared in many TV and radio commercials and has hosted a number of TV shows. Lavan’s latest project is starring and producing Latino theme TV and films for his newly formed production company. Rene Lavan, Caribbean1st absolutely salutes you.