Llandel Malavé

Llandel Malave Caribbean1st Honouree from Puerto Rico



  • Full Name

    Llandel Veguilla Malavé

  • Island

    Puerto Rico

  • Date of Birth

    14th January 1977

  • Place of Birth

    Cayey, Puerto Rico

Llandel Malavé worked hard as a barber in his hometown before eventually becoming the owner of his own barbershop. Whilst juggling a plethora of customers he managed to actively pursue a music career. He met a fellow student, Wisin, in school and they began performing as a duo.
In 1998, Malavé met DJ Dicky, a prominent spinner in the reggaeton scene, through another barber. Dj Dicky gave Llandel & Wisin a chance to sing and was greatly impressed, as a result he featured the duo on the album he was putting out.  Since then Malavé (stage name Yandel) and Wisin have produced 10 albums. They have received many awards including a Grammy and the Latin Billboard Music Award. Wisin and Yandel have split up now to pursue solo careers but still remain good friends. 
Llandel Malavé completed his first solo tour this year, promoting his second solo album De Líder a Leyenda. In September 2014, they both confirmed they were working on a new track that would premiere and be performed for the first time on Yandel’s De Líder a Leyenda tour, on 4th October at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Llandel Malavé is enjoying life with his wife and two children whilst still touring and recording. He has kept the same discipline that he had when he worked as a barber, making him a very responsible and reliable man, in his career and at home, that is why Caribbean 1st absolutely salutes you.