Karlyn Percil



  • Full Name

    Karlyn Percil

  • Island

    St. Lucia

  • Date of Birth

    23rd February 1979

  • Place of Birth

    St. Lucia

Karlyn Percil grew up in a village called Banse in Laborie, St. Lucia. She recalls growing up surrounded by nature and without electricity. She would bathe in the river and walk for an hour and a half to catch the bus to school.


Percil later left St Lucia to live in Toronto. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, traditionally a taboo subject within the West Indian culture, Percil used her experience to help other women. She went through bullying, depression and anxiety as a result of her ordeal. Karlyn Percil knows what it is like to be stuck in a dark place and what it takes to get out. She states that her goal is to ‘empower woman to LEAD – live and engage authentically daily’. Percil wants every woman to be able to be their best selves and achieve their dream in spite of challenges and fears.

The SisterTalk Group is a women’s leadership network founded by Karlyn Percil. The group provides a platform where women are able to have open and honest conversations that matter. The group also raised funds for 400 girls to go to school with the #62milliongirlsmovement which Michelle Obama often speaks about.


Helping woman and girls thrive is the underlying ethos behind everything she does. The volume of initiatives and programs Karlyn Percil has set up and supported is just incredible. Percil Founded the Beauty Bank Club to improve the lives of young girls by educating, inspiring and empowering them to enhance their self-confidence. She helps them to acknowledge their self-worth in order for them to recognise their full potential. Karlyn Percil is also the founder and president of the Bellemoun Community Youth Network (BCYN). This is a non-profit organisation which facilitates connections between individuals and organisation in the Caribbean and North American community. She is also the founding President of the Scotiabank Caribbean Network. An employee resource group which encourages employee engagement. The list goes on. 

Devoted to giving back to the community, Percil has worked with UNICEF to end child sexual abuse in the Caribbean. She strongly believes that young girls should be free to enjoy their lives. Karlyn Percil has planned and organised fashion shows for Aids Action Foundation in St. Lucia. She has hosted a huge number of events for a number of causes including the Bereavement families of Toronto and the Sick Kids Foundation.


The list of initiatives Karyln Percil has founded and been involved in is extensive. It is obvious that Percil is dedicated and committed to the empowerment of young girls and women, both within the Caribbean and further afield. Karlyn Periel also created her clothing label, Belle Moun which celebrates West Indian heritage and its diversity in language, culture and ethnicities. As well as all of this she has also written a Beauty Work Book for young girls. We are in awe of this strong, courageous and determined woman, and all she has achieved and continues to do. Karlyn Percil, what a woman, Caribbean1st absolutely salutes you.