Jon Lucien

Jon Lucien Caribbean1st Honouree from the British Virgin Islands



  • Full Name

    Lucien Harrigan

  • Island

    British Virgin Islands

  • Date of Birth

    8th January 1942

  • Place of Birth

    Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Jon Lucien, born Lucien Harrigan on the island of Tortola, was nicknamed ‘the man with the golden throat’ by Herbie Hancock. Lucien grew up in St. Thomas. As a teenager, he played bass in the group, Rico and the Rhythmaires, led by his father Eric. In the mid-60s Lucien relocated to New York and pursued his musical career. He recorded commercial jingles and performed at various private events. It was whilst he was at one of these events that he was seen by the RCA executive, Ernie Alshulter. Ernie Alshulter was impressed by what he saw, and gave Lucien a contract. Jon Lucien was born. 
Jon Lucien released his first album under RCA, but on later reflection realised that the label had tried to package him as something he wasn’t. His second album was more his style and consisted of solely Lucien originals. Lucien’s single, ‘Lady Love’ found some favour in the US. This single earned the arranger, Dave Grusin, a Grammy nomination. Jon Lucien continued to release music and his smooth baritone was often compared to that of Nat King Cole and Lou Rawls.


Although Jon Lucian never enjoyed the commercial success that he should have, his talent as an instrumentalist and vocalist cannot be denied. Lucien was able to capture the essence of romance. His deep velvety voice, so rich and expressive was perfect for romantic ballads. Lucien was also a talented songwriter. He had the ability to create images through his lyrics. His songs were often heard on traditional Jazz stations. 

Jon Lucien was probably best known for his song, Rashida, which was one of two Grammy nominated songs on the album of the same title. Lucien had a very unique style, which made it difficult for the general public to understand. His originality, owes a lot to his Caribbean background. Lucien melded Jazz, R&B, Caribbean rhythms and Brazilian music and created his own sound. His songs were often about love, hope, trust and relationships. Jon Lucien had unlimited vocal styles and great arranging abilities. Very few artists had his level of artistry or innovation. Jon Lucien such a magnificent musician making music way before his time. Carribean1st absolutely salutes you.