Edwin Abath




  • Full Name

    Edwin Bibiano Abath

  • Island


  • Date of Birth

    2nd December 1958

  • Place of Birth


Edwin graduated in Holland as a speech therapist and ever since he has been devoted to serving others. After 12 years of working in the Rehabilitation Division at Aruba Hospital, he thought it was time to make a change. In 1994 Edwin Abath quickly got involved in public events, that led him to became an adviser in youth affairs. As part of his role he created prevention programs for young people with behavioural problems. 
Edwin Abath has always been a man with great integrity and fairness. This along with his passion for politics allowed him to submit his recommendations to the Ministry of Education. Hence, in 1997 he was elected as a member of parliament and held his position until 2005. His political profile strengthened very quickly, which helped his personal growth and allowed him to perceive life from different points of view.


Edwin Abath has held various positions within the Aruban People’s Party. One of Abath’s greatest achievements was when he was appointed as a Plenipotentiary Minister of Aruba in 2009. He discussed a variety of topics including foreign affairs, defence, and international treaties. Since 2014, Abath has been the director of the Aruba Department of Foreign Affairs. Within this role he was responsible for preserving ties between different countries.

Abath has always been focused on and dedicated to improving youth welfare. His messages of peace and positivity have always been essential to him. Together with his wife, who is dedicated to special needs education for youth, they have taught both their children, the importance to serve their country. Edwin Abath’s devotion to uplifting his country and nation is evident and for that Caribbean 1st absolutely salutes you.