Dr Lawrence Williams




  • Full Name

    Dr Lawrence Williams

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    St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Dr Lawrence Williams was born in St Elizabeth, Jamaica. In 1987 he completed his undergraduate studies in Zoology and Chemistry at the University of the West Indies. He furthered his studies and completed his PhD.


Dr Williams has always been involved in the research into the potential pharmaceutical properties of tropical plants, for example guinea hen weed. This plant is indigenous to the Amazon rainforest and the tropical area of the Caribbean, Central and South American and Africa. In Jamaica it is also known as guinea hen leaf, garlic weed or gully root. Its botanical name is Petiveria alliacea. Well known for its use in herbal medicine, this plant has always been of particular interest to Dr Williams. 

In 2003 he was awarded the prestigious Alexander Von Humbolt scholarship to do post-doctoral studies on the guinea hen weed at the Hohenheim University in Germany. His studies showed that the compound dibenzyl trisulphide, found within the plant, can be used to cure cancer cells inside the lab. A huge breakthrough in his studies.

In 2010, Dr Williams and his co researcher Dr H G Levy, a Jamaican born medical doctor, were awarded an international patent on a protein complex of dibenzyl trisulphate, isolated from guinea hen weed. Meaning any discoveries they make pertaining to that complex is protected.


Dr Lawrence Williams joined the college of Health Sciences in 2016 and has been involved in plant-based studies at undergraduate and graduate levels. Following this, in 2017, he and Dr Levy were awarded a patent in the US for the discovery of anti-cancer activity of the plant. 28 years of dedicated research, being rewarded and the work is not finished yet. 

Naturally, Dr Williams has received numerous awards and fellowships. In 2004 he was inducted into the International Biographical Centre (IBC) Hall of Fame in Cambridge, UK. He was awarded the Silver Musgrave Medal for Outstanding Merit in the Field of Scientific Research from the institute of Jamaica in 2011. In 2013 he was listed as an Honoured Member for Research in the Continental Who’s Who, USA. This is just to name a few. He is an accomplished researcher with over 70 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on plant-based medicine. Dr Williams continues his work and is currently carrying out undergraduate and postgraduate research at UTech. Dr Williams and his team have made some ground-breaking discoveries over the years with their research into the guinea hen weed plant. They are continuing to explore its abilities to be used to cure certain cancer cells and are growing ever closer to, dare we say it, finding the ‘cure’ for cancer. Dr Williams we are watching on in anticipation and applaud you for your continued ground-breaking research, Caribbean1st absolutely salutes you.