Oh gosh! Where do we start with this one! As bands are preparing and launching for the 2020 carnival season, we see the same issues arising. Now this is a topic we feel we shouldn’t have to speak on, however we are seeing the same thing year in year out…so let’s get into it. The [...]
Like most Carnivals across the Caribbean, Spice Mas has many different elements that make up the carnival season. We have done our best to showcase a variety of the events that happened during the 2019 season. National Carnival Queen Show Calypso Monarch National Panorama Dimanche Gras J'Ouvert Monday Night Mas Parade of the Bands << [...]
We recently visited Antigua during the Antigua carnival 2019 period and what a fantastic time we had! We kicked things off with their 'Tshirt Mas' with Insane Mas Band which was absolutely incredible. We then attended a few of the carnival events during the week leading up to carnival including Drue's Day. Taking place at [...]
Triniboi Joocie (Joocie), a UK based soca artist of Trinidadian descent, held a listening party for his new track ‘Bed Ah Roses’ in London on Thursday evening. We were especially excited for this event because we have followed Joocie’s career for a little while now and have always loved his music, his personality and his [...]
We had the pleasure of capturing Rogue Mas band on the road for Trinidad carnival 2019. Have a look at the pictures below of the magnificent costumes Rogue Mas Band produced. The vibe was incredible and you can see that the masqueraders had the best time on the road! We would like to thank the [...]
We happened to be staying at Coco Palm Hotel in Rodney Bay during the time of the Food and Rum Festival, which was from 12th-14th January. It was via the hotel that we heard about the festival, in particular the Rodney Bay Culinary Pavilion, which was taking place right outside of the hotel.The hotel was [...]