Troy Caesar

Cydonie Mothersill


  • Full Name

    Troy Caesar

  • Island

    British Virgin Islands

  • Date of Birth

    13th May 1994

  • Place of Birth

    British Virgin Islands

Troy Caesar still a young man, has already embarked on what is to be a very successful sporting career. Caesar is a keen football player hailing from the British Virgin Islands. His organisation and focus facilitates his progression in the sport he loves, football. Supported by his parents during his stay at College to follow his dreams. He has also received funding from the FA’s Scholarship programme, which was launched by President, Mr. Andy Bickerton some five years ago. The programme has already given Academic opportunity to over half a dozen male and female football players.
Troy Caesar started off playing for the Ballstars Virgin Gorda team in BVI in 2012 and then went on to play for the Andrew Fighting Tigers in America, 3 years later. With Caesar on the pitch, The Fighting Tigers in 2015 more than doubled their number of goals and allowed 51 fewer goals than the year prior. In 2016 he was called to play in his 4th Caribbean Cup for his native island, where he served as captain. Troy Caesar is the most capped player in the History of BVIFA, making 15 appearances for the National team. His experience in playing with his National team has meant that he is able to add even more depth to the Fighting Tigers squad.
Caesar has a top speed of over 20 miles an hour, is a skilful player with flair and has learnt to use both feet. He has become a confident player with a unique style. This aspiring young player was named Region 17 All-Tournament Team honouree. Troy Caesar is not only a skilled football player, he has also player cricket for his National team. It is nice to see this young man representing his island so well. Troy Caesar Caribbean 1st absolutely salutes you
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