Sarah Wescot-Williams



  • Full Name

    Sarah Wescot-Williams

  • Island

    Sint Maarten

  • Date of Birth

    8th April 1956

  • Place of Birth

    Sint Maarten

The Honourable Sarah Wescot-Williams was the first Prime Minister of St Maarten in October 2010. It was on this date that St. Maarten achieved its political status as a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Wescot-Williams also became the Minister of General Affairs of St. Maarten. Prior to this, The Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams held various high positions as a civil servant. She was Head of the Department of Finance and also the Acting Island Secretary from 1985-1991.
Politically, Wescot-Williams held numerous positions. She was the Commissioner and Member of the Island Council of the Island Territory of St. Maarten. As well as a member of the Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles. 

The Honourable Sarah Wescot-Williams has a political career spanning more than 35 years. Behind all of this, she has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Public Administration. In addition to her Honour’s Associate Degree in Business and Finance, all from Salle University, USA. 

Such a smart and hardworking woman. Credit has to be given to her for her relentless drive to ensure St. Maarten was given the recognition it deserved as a country by the Government of the Dutch Kingdom. Of course, she has been recognised by various governments and organisations for her work. The Honourable Sarah-Wescot-Williams, the first female in St. Marten to head a major political party, Caribbean1st absolutely salutes you.
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