Lasana M. Sekou

Cydonie Mothersill


  • Full Name

    Lasana M. Sekou

  • Island


  • Date of Birth

    12th January 1959

  • Place of Birth


Born in Aruba, but raised in St. Martin, Lasana M. Sekou is one of the leading writers from St. Martin. Starting at a very young age, Sekou recited his first poem at a traditional house concert before the age of 9. He founded House of Nehesi Publishers while attending Stony Brook University, in New York in 1982. He published is first collection of poems whilst attending Stony Brook and by 1984 he had four poetry books to his name. From 1984-1996, Sekou was the editor of the Newsday newspaper.
Lasana M. Sekou’s monologues and poems have been required reading at Caribbean, North American, Italian and British universities. His writings are taught in high schools and are dramatised on stage. Sekou’s poetry has appeared in various literary journals and have been translated into Spanish, Dutch, Chinese and German. He is a truly engaging author and draws huge crowds whenever he is a guest speaker at lectures, conferences or literary festivals.
Passionately moved by the history of slavery and oppression, Sekou continually protests against exploitation and racial prejudice. He appeals to the people’s dignity and pride with his unique literary styling and range of subject matter. Sekou writes in a variety of languages, including Caribbean Creol, Spanish, French and Dutch. He even sometimes uses a number of these languages in one poem. Unsurprisingly, Sekou has obtained a whole host of awards including a Knighthood from the Netherlands. He was also the Culture Time Literary Artist of the Decade in 1998. The amount of writings Sekou has published is commendable, he has also directed and produced a number of stage plays. Lasana M. Sekou has truly made his mark as an author, journalist and publisher, Caribbean1st absolutely salutes you.
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