Dona Bryhiel

Cydonie Mothersill


  • Full Name

    Dona Bryhiel

  • Island

    St Maarten

  • Date of Birth

  • Place of Birth

    Marseille, France

Born in Marseille, Dona Bryhiel has spent a large portion of her adult life in the Caribbean. She holds degrees in literature, philosophy and French art. In 1995 Bryhiel opened her own art gallery in St. Maarten. 

Her art is influenced heavily by her French background, but Caribbean influences are evident. Dona Bryhiel has a unique painting style. Her work often focuses on the Caribbean. It reflects the roles of women, their beauty and their roles in daily life. Bryhiel enjoys creating pieces that evoke thoughtful reflections about island life. 

Dona Bryhiel doesn’t only create oil and acrylic paintings, but also ceramics and other types of art work. Bryhiel’s pieces leave a lasting impression and aptly reflect the Caribbean culture.
Dona Bryhiel has received numerous awards for her work. She is a well-known artist of the modern figurative style. Bryhiel has gained significant recognition from the art press and general media. Dona Bryhiel, continue to bless us with your artistic grace, Caribbean1st absolutely salutes you.
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