Camila Cabello



  • Full Name

    Karla Camila Cabello-Estrabao

  • Island


  • Date of Birth

    3rd March 1997

  • Place of Birth


Camila Cabello born Karla Camila Cabello is a Cuban born singer and songwriter. Cabello left Cuba aged 6, with her mother in seek of a better life in America. Whilst this fresh start was a struggle, the family maintained a positive attitude and with the help of their community were able to settle into the American way of life. 
In 2012, Cabello asked her parents if she could audition for the X Factor. She had never sung in front of people before but had learned from her parents that if she was passionate enough about something, then you can make it impossible. Unfortunately Camila Cabello was unsuccessful as a solo artist on the show but was brought back to be one of five members of the group, Fifth Harmony. The group did enormously well on the show and ended up coming 3rd overall.
The group’s success continued after the show and they built a huge fan base. Cabello was known to be the adorable and funny member of the group. Cabello is no longer a member of the group but continues with her music career. Camila Cabello is very proud of her Cuban-Mexican background and attributes her success to the determination of her parents. Camila Cabello isn’t afraid to follow her dreams and learned from a young age that anything is possible with the right determination. Camila Cabello, Caribbean1st absolutely salutes you.
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