Alphonse Girandy

Cydonie Mothersill


  • Full Name

    Alphonse Girandy

  • Island


  • Date of Birth

    21st January 1868

  • Place of Birth


Alphonse Girandy was a seamen in the Royal Navy who served in the Spanish-American war in 1898. On March 31st 1901, whilst Girandy was serving on board the USS Petrel a fire ignited. The fire eventually took the life of the captain. Whilst the fire was ablaze, Girandy fearlessly entered the lower deck of the ship and managed to pull four of his shipmates to safety. Girnady was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour for this selfless act.
Alphonse Girandy continued to serve into WWI. Girandy died aged 78 and is buried in the Philadelphia National Cemetery. He endangered his life in order to save others. Alphonse Girandy not only did you serve for your country you also bravely committed an act of heroism, we at Caribbean1st absolutely salute you. 
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