Triniboi Joocie's Listening Party

Triniboi Joocie’s Listening Party

Triniboi Joocie's Listening Party

Triniboi Joocie (Joocie), a UK based soca artist of Trinidadian descent, held a listening party for his new track ‘Bed Ah Roses’ in London on Thursday evening. We were especially excited for this event because we have followed Joocie’s career for a little while now and have always loved his music, his personality and his whole demeanour. We weren’t quite sure what to expect but we knew it was going to be something special, having listened to a few of his radio interviews prior to the listening party.

Held in a small intimate venue, Triniboi Joocie and his team really put on a wonderful event. It was truly an honour to be amongst so many creatives, DJs, artists and pioneers within the soca and music industry as a whole. He really did manage to get a great crowd together. Of course, we were all there to hear his new song but what we got was so much more!

Now let’s get down to the main event, the new track ‘Bed Ah Roses’. Wow! Producer Wetty Beatz first of all dissected the song, starting with the melody, and allowed us to listen as he built up the instrumental. Joocie didn’t even have to sing a lyric, the crowd felt the groove from just the instrumental alone! Next, Joocie started singing over the track, again just wow! We don’t even know how to describe to you the feeling this song brought, but we will try. It’s one of those songs where you just feel to close your eyes and really take in the lyrics, in fact we suggest you do exactly that. It is then that you will start to get close to feeling how we did at the event, hearing ‘Bed Ah Roses’ for the first time. The song evokes emotion, it brings goosebumps, it makes you really think about all the trials and tribulations you’ve been through in order to get to where you are, the hills and mountains you’ve had to climb to achieve your dreams. It encourages you to keep pushing and keep working to make your dreams a reality, no matter how big or small they may be.

Ok so when we heard ‘Bed Ah Roses’, we thought that was it, boy were we wrong! Joocie gave us the pleasure of hearing two more of his new tracks. Believe us when we tell you this artist has some MASSIVE hits on the way! From he had the whole place grooving, whining, jumping from just one listen, you know that these tracks are fire! The amount of times the crowd requested for him to ‘puuull uuup’ really showed that.

This event was truly spectacular because Triniboi Joocie is such a talented and amazing performer, it is evident that he has worked extremely hard to perfect his craft. What made the event even better was all the love and support that was present. As we mentioned, a number of UK soca artists were present, which made us feel so proud. Unity within the soca industry was something that Trinboi Joocie touched on in his recent interview with DJ CJay (Caribbean Sessions). This really got us thinking, and we wonder if this is what the UK soca scene is lacking. However, this certainly wasn’t true of last night’s show because the love and support was definitely there. It was also great to see how Joocie really took the time to thank everyone that came out, he shared his stage with other soca artists, and spoke so highly of his friends & family who have helped become the amazing artist that he is today. Not only were we blessed to hear three new songs from Triniboi Joocie, we were also able to learn more about him and his journey as an artist. And who knew Wetty Beatz was such a bad boy producer (and performer)?!? We know now (better late than never!), but if you don’t know who he is please do look him up, he is the man behind so many hit songs, including Machel Montano’s ‘Dr Mashup’.

We really could go on and on about how great the event was and we are looking forward to more events like this from Joocie, and other artists like him. Triniboi Joocie, a massive salute and thank you for a magnificent event, and for continuing to provide us with consistently top-class music. Keep going, keep pushing, you have our full support and we wish you all the best, because well ‘Life is no Bed Ah Roses’!

Listen to Triniboi Joocie’s new track ‘Bed Ah Roses’ here

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Triniboi Joocie's Listening Party

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