Alfred Francis Adderley




  • Full Name

    Alfred Francis Adderley

  • Island


  • Date of Birth

    16th November 1891

  • Place of Birth

    Nassau, Bahamas

As a youth, Alfred Francis Adderley was a keen sportsman. He played cricket and tennis and also participated in track sports. Alfred Francis Adderley attended St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge in 1912 in order to further his education. He received the B. A. and LL B. degrees with honours. Adderley practised Law in England until he returned to The Bahamas in 1919. He continued to develop his career which spanned 34 years.

Adderley married Ethel Millicent Louise Lunn on 29th April 1925. Together they had two sons: Dr. Francis E. Adderley M.D. and the Honourable Paul L. Adderley, former Minister of Finance and Minister of External Affairs, Education and Culture and Attorney General.

Adderley was responsible for the formation of the Bahamas Cricket Association and held the office of President until he resigned. He was also made Honorary Life Vice-President of The Bahamas Amateur Athletic Association. These were just some of his hobbies, Adderley was widely known for his contributions to the judicial system. Perhaps no surprise as the ‘Adderley’ name was already well respected within the legal and administrative circles, before Alfred Francis Adderley was even born. Following in their footsteps, Adderley became the third member of his family to be elected to the House of Assembly.

Alfred Francis Adderley was the first black Chief of Justice of the Bahamas having being appointed by Sir Robert Neville in 1951. There were many that opposed this change due to the apparent colour divide at the time, however Adderley proved to be a worthy candidate. Adderley was also appointed a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in the King’s Birthday Honours in 1951. He also presided as Acting Chief Justice that same year, at the October Sessions of the Supreme Court.

Alfred Francis Adderley held the Chairmanship of the Electrical Board and the Airport’s Board and was a member of the Civil Service Committee. He was chancellor of the Anglican Diocese of Nassau, a member of the Vestry of St. Mary’s Church and a member of the Board of Governors of St. John’s College. His list of achievements are extensive and is why Alfred Francis Adderley will always be remembered as the most outstanding trial lawyer of his time. Alfred Francis Adderley, Caribbean 1st absolutely salutes you.